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  The autolock push-button locking handles fitted to your new PVC-U windows are designed to be easy to use, durable and secure. To open, simply press the button, turn the handle through 90 degrees and push the window open to the desired angle. To close, pull the window shut and turn the handle back to its orginal position – it will lock automatically.

 Stainless steel friction hinges mean that the opened window remains in the position you require. 

Night Ventillation

All your new PVC-U windows feature what’s called  an espagnolette locking system.  This secure mechanism allows you to leave the window slightly ajar, yet locked.  To set the night position, open the window as above, to a gap of around 15mm and gently turn the handle back to the locked position – if you feel any resistance through the handle, move the window slightly open or shut until the handle moves easily. And the lock is engaged.  This will mean the mushroom headed locking rollers are firmly positioned in their respective frame mounted slots.


Air Circulation Control

As with all good quality PVC-U windows, yours are fitted with trickle ventilators at the top of the frame.  Given the high standards of insulation to which new houses are built, it’s essential to allow some movement of air to avoid to any problems of condensation build up. You have complete control of this air circulation. Open and close the ventilator by pushing the finger recess to the right or left. The deflector can be tilted to direct air in the desired direction.




Some of your upstairs windows maybe fitted with a special egress hinge, which allows the window to open fully to 90° and allow easy evacuation in the event of a fire or other emergency.

To clean the outside of the glass from inside these windows may be fitted with an "Easy Clean" option.  To operate this ;

1. Open the window

2. Press the button on the base and hold down

3. Slide the sash Across to enable the cleaning of the window.

4. Maintenance is exactly the same as the friction stay.




Your Window may be fitted with a child safety restrictor. This will restrict the window from fully opening unless a hook is released or a tab on the hinge operated.

















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